Secret Easter Bunny: How to Host an Easter Gift Exchange

Secret Easter Bunny: How to Host an Easter Gift Exchange
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Easter is a Christian holiday celebrated at the beginning of spring. Families and friends get together to decorate eggs, organize a scavenger hunt, make an Easter piñata, and run a traditional Easter egg hunt. There is one more tradition popular in many families – Easter gift exchange, or Secret Easter Bunny. 

Organizing a gift exchange is a fun new way to celebrate Easter. All participants bring Easter baskets and gifts for each other secretly, which gives a traditional holiday a touch of mystery. In this post, you will find tips and ideas to organize a memorable Secret Easter Bunny this year. 

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Secret Easter Bunny exchange? 
  2. How to host the Easter gift exchange? 
  3. Choosing a perfect Easter gift
  4. 10 Questions to ask for Secret Easter Bunny gift exchange 
  5. 24 Easter gift ideas for everyone 
  6. Themes for Easter gift exchange 
  7. Fun Easter activities for a memorable celebration 

What is a Secret Easter Bunny exchange? 

The Secret Bunny is the Easter version of Secret Santa. All participants draw names and secretly prepare Easter gifts for each other. Thus, everyone shares the joy of gift-giving and the fun of guessing their Secret Bunny. 

Gift exchanges save money for all participants, as you only bring one personalized gift for a friend, coworker, or family member. To make the celebration fun, you can organize traditional Easter festivities or encourage the participants to exchange themed gifts. 

How to host the Easter gift exchange? 

There are three ways to organize your gift exchange this Easter: 

Draw names from the hat

All participants gather in one room and put their names into the hat or box. All participants draw names and prepare presents for the assigned person without revealing their identity. 

This method is traditional and quick, but it is hard to ensure that everyone buys their Easter presents on time. Someone can lose a piece of paper with the recipient’s name on it, and the assigned person will be left without a gift. 

Use a quick online generator

An online generator is a modern alternative to drawing names from the hat. All participants add their names, and the system assigns players to each other randomly. You will need a minimum of three players. Here’s how it works: 

1.     Start a new game, then click “Quick draw”.

2.     Add names of all participants.

3.     Each player takes the phone and sees to whom they will prepare a gift this Easter. Then, they pass the phone to the next player. 

This method has its downsides. You cannot create wishlists and there is no possibility to track progress and see if everyone has bought a present. 

Create an online game 

This is the most convenient way to organize your Easter gift exchange. You can use our free MySanta generator to exchange gifts in person or by mail. In this app, you can create wishlists, chat with your giftee secretly and send reminders. Here’s how it works: 

1.     Create a new gift exchange game. Start a new game in our app and invite all participants by email or a link. 

2.     Discuss the details. Set the budget for gifts and the deadline by which all presents should be ready. Choose the place and time for an Easter party. If you play online, decide when all participants need to send their gifts by mail.

3.     Draw names. When everyone joins the game, draw names in one click. If some players don’t get along with each other well, set exceptions so that they do not give Easter presents to each other. 

4.     Complete wishlists. Each participant can write what they want to receive as a present and what they don’t. You can also add items to your wishlist to make choosing gifts easier for your Secret Easter Bunny. 

5.     Track those gifts. In the MySanta service, you can see who has bought gifts and who hasn’t. If the holiday is approaching, you can send them a kind reminder. 

6.     Organize a festive gift exchange. Usually, the exchange takes place after the Easter brunch. Each participant brings their present and puts it on the table. 

7.     Let the guessing begin! People open presents in turn and try to guess their Secret Bunny. A lot of laughter and fun for everyone! 

When you draw names from the box, it is more difficult to avoid confusing situations and ensure that everyone buys presents on time. With an online generator, the game host can see if all the participants have bought their presents on time. Plus, everyone can chat with their giftee anonymously, find out more about their wishes and likes, and choose a perfect gift. 

Kids and adults alike enjoy gift exchanges. Image courtesy

Gift ideas for Easter 

Choosing Easter gifts is tricky, especially if you don’t know the assigned person well. Here are some tips to help you out: 

·      Learn more about your giftee. To choose a perfect gift, find out more about the preferences, likes, and dislikes of your assigned person. Pay attention to their hobbies, favorite movies, music, and other interests. Use our secret chat to talk to them anonymously, and check out their wishlist for specific gift ideas. 

·      Follow the gift guidelines. If you exchange themed gifts, follow the guidelines. Keep in mind that everyone expects certain gifts, and if you bring a present that doesn’t align with a theme, your recipient might be confused. 

·      Stay on budget. Set a gift budget for everyone (say, $35) and encourage everyone to stay within this limit. Too cheap or too expensive gifts can make people feel uncomfortable. 

·      Avoid inappropriate gifts. When preparing Easter presents, follow the common gift etiquette. Do not bring personal gifts (such as personal hygiene products, underwear, or weight loss products) to people you don’t know well. 

10 Questions to ask for Secret Easter Bunny gift exchange 

Choosing the Easter present for someone you don’t know well can be challenging. In the MySanta online generator, you can chat with the gift recipient anonymously and learn more about their likes and preferences. If you are not sure what to give, here are some questions you can ask.

Questions to ask for Easter gift exchange

1.    What is your favorite book? 

2.    Do you have any hobbies? 

3.    What is your favorite TV show? 

4.    What is your favorite football team? 

5.    Sweet or savory? 

6.    Do you collect anything? 

7.    What is your current obsession? 

8.    What candle scent is your favorite? 

9.    What do you do in your spare time?

10. Do you have any pets? 


24 Easter gift ideas for everyone 

If you are still not sure what to give to your assigned person, bring a popular Easter present, such as chocolate, musical eggs, bath bombs, or bunny toys. Here are some ideas of what to put in your Easter basket: 

Easter gift ideas for adults

Easter gift ideas for kids

·      DIY doughnut making kit

·      Cheese tasting box

·      Passport journal 

·      Linen napkins

·      Recipe book 

·      Bath bombs

·      Rabbit ear slippers

·      Bunny bowls

·      Photo frame 

·      Snack basket box 

·      Scented hand creams

·      Picnic blanket 

·       Temporary Easter tattoos

·       Bunny rabbit ears

·       Bunny slippers

·       Singing stuff animal 

·       Egg-shaped slime

·       Printed cotton pajamas

·       Scented bubbles

·       Kids digital camera

·       Easter bunny soap 

·       Easter cookie cutter

·       Lego kit

·       Sweet treats bundle 

Themes for Easter gift exchange 

Hosting a themed gift exchange is a great way to make the exchange more creative. Plus, it will be easier for all Secret Easter Bunnies to choose good presents. Here are some Easter gift themes you might want to use this year: 

·      Easter décor. Exchange Easter-themed gifts, such as ceramic mugs, rabbit ear slippers, Easter egg bouquets, and candles in eggshells to put everyone in a holiday mood. 

·      Handmade gifts. Time to get creative! Bring homemade treats, candy jars, bunny bath bombs, painted baskets, garlands, and more. The good thing about this theme is that everyone including kids can participate. 

·      House-themed gifts. Everyone gives items related to home or gardening. Plants, harvest baskets, sculptures, garden gloves, home décor items, and kitchenware. 

·      Eco-friendly presents. If your family or coworkers are earth-conscious, organizing an eco-friendly gift exchange is best. By exchanging sustainable items, you’ll share the joy of gift-giving and help the planet. 

·      Secret Easter bunny with clues. Each participant brings the wrapped present and a note with clues. Based on these clues, the gift recipient should guess who has bought them a present. It is a great way to make the guessing more fun. 

Fun Easter activities for a memorable celebration 

To host an awesome Easter party, think about the activities that will keep all guests entertained. Here are some ideas for Easter games and activities for all ages: 

Egg Scavenger Hunt 

Give your traditional egg hunt a modern twist and play an Easter egg scavenger hunt! Hide the clues in the house and outdoors. Each clue will lead the player to the next one, eventually leading everyone to the treasure. You can organize the scavenger hunt for kids or get the adults involved, too. 

Easter piñata

Play a popular party game during your Easter festivities. You can use a DIY Easter egg piñata or buy a ready one. Fill your piñata with candy, chocolate eggs, and other Easter treats. Hit the piñata with a stick until it opens. After that, everyone rushes to collect the treats. 

Egg-and-spoon race 

This is a classic Easter activity for all ages. Participants must balance the egg on a spoon and cross the finish line without dropping it. It is a fun competitive outdoor activity that helps children improve their hand and eye coordination. 

Egg bowling 

Each player takes a hard-boiled dyed egg. Then, the host places one white hard-boiled egg in the center of the room. Players take turns to roll their eggs into the center of the playing area, and the player who rolls the egg the closest to the white one wins.  

The Secret Easter Bunny exchange can become a good holiday tradition in your family, with friends, or at work. The MySanta generator can help you organize everything and ensure that all participants buy presents on time. And with personalized wishlists and gift recommendations, choosing heartwarming Easter gifts will be easy and convenient for everyone.