Make your gift exchange
fun and easy

You're set in three, two, one

You’re set in three, two, one

Create a gift exchange game and set the date when everyone will receive their gifts. Tell participants how you prefer receiving the gifts. Share the link for new players to join.

Watch the people join

Watch the people join

View the list of participants in the gift exchange generator interface. If someone changes their mind or joins by mistake, you can easily remove the player from the game.

Keep an eye on those gifts

Keep an eye on those gifts

Every player should receive a gift. Track the progress and see who has already sent a gift and who needs a nudge.

Play with those you
truly care for

Play a gift exchange game with each group of your dear ones
to show that you care



Add more joy to your Christmas
or New Year’s Eve party



A Secret Santa tradition
brings even remote teammates closer



Exchange gifts at your family gathering
and start a good holiday tradition

Online community

Online community

Show that you care
even for those you have never met in person

You will surely like the

Each participant creates their personal Wishlist

Everyone creates
a wishlist

List what you want this Christmas and what NOT to buy you

Consider our recommendations

We offer individual recommendations for each player to ease your choice

Hint on where
to purchase a gift

We partner with trusted online stores

450 000

people played in 2023

Secret Santa worked tirelessly to make sure no one was left without a gift

Secret Santa
star star star

Why choose My Santa?

It’s easy, free, and fun for everyone

You can play remotely

Even if your dear ones are in differet corners of the world,
you can play Secret Santa and exchange gifts anyway.

A transparent process of gift exchange

No one will be left without a gift.
Everything is recorded.

Gift-giving assistance

Follow our recommendations to choose a gift
that is likely to appeal to the player.

How it was last year

Our office played Secret Santa last year. I created a link to the game in this service and sent it in a team chat in Slack. Everyone was excited and joined the game. No one was left without presents :)


I have long been looking for a service where I can arrange Secret Santa game. Before that, I had to gather all my friends in one place and draw names from the hat. The online service is certainly more convenient. Thank you!


I work as an HR in a large company and accidentally came across the My Santa service on the internet. I tried it and had no regrets! All 320 employees played, and afterwards I received many appreciation messages for the holiday we had organized.


For me, Christmas is a family holiday. This year we decided to play Secret Santa to spark up the celebration :) I just sent a link to our family chat and then one thing led to another. Thank you guys!


We played Secret Santa at work. I just thought why not organize a Secret Santa for the guys. I created a link, shared it with coworkers on chat, everyone joined in, and after the game, we found out who gave presents to whom. Everything turned out great :)


We played with our community on Telegram. We have never met, but it felt wonderful to send a gift to someone you’ve never met in person. He was delighted with the gift.


Don’t put it off, play Secret Santa today!

Create a game and send invitations. We’ll make sure the game goes great.

Create a game Secret Santa


Secret Santa is a traditional Christmas game. The rules are simple: each participant becomes a Secret Santa and secretly prepares a gift for another player. In the end, everyone enjoys both the preparation of a surprise and gets a gift. We are the service that automates this game to make sure everything goes smoothly.

We have four plans:

S plan: It is free of charge and up to 9 people can play. It has all the basic features for a comfortable game.

M plan: Choose this plan if you have up to 19 players and need additional control over the players. For example, you can see who is assigned to whom. Price: $9 for one game.

L plan: Choose this plan if you have up to 49 players and need additional control over the players. For example, you can see who is assigned to whom. Price: $19 for one game.

XL plan: Suitable for games with 49+ players. Advanced features included. Price: $19 for one game.

Sign in, create a game, and send a special link to all players. After they join in, they need to tell us what exactly they want for Christmas and what not to give. And we will make sure that each Secret Santa does his job.

We advise you to create a temporary email on one of the popular email services. Without an individual email address, the player will not be able to join the game.

Write to us at [email protected]. We will answer all your questions as quickly as possible.